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Dynamic HD innovation underpinned by 30 years of experience

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Shoot. Cut. Screen.

We've filmed engaging and powerful moving images, all over the world,

We've effectively delivered many diverse and unique projects for a broad range of clients,

We've developed our own creative styles and techniques,

And in the process, we have told some cool stories.

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Web videos

Make a visual impact on your website with a video about your business, products or services. Web videos by The Challenge Factor engage your customers and drive their interest your way.

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Back story

We've been creating moving images - from script to screen - since the company started, over 30 years ago. Listen - we're innovators. We seek out new tech, new media, new ways of doing things. But video production has never lost our favour. Instead, we've only grown more fond of it over the years.

  • Over 200 hours of network broadcast TV produced by us - we've probably worked on some of your favourite programs, and we continue to do so.
  • A full production team - from camera crew to scriptwriters, makeup artists to pyrotechnicians, we're not just amateurs with a camcorder.
  • Wisdom learned from the best - we've worked with some pretty amazing people, and like sponges we've soaked up as much of their advice as possible.
  • Hundreds of hours worth of other video - aside from TV, we've worked on webcasts, training videos, charity presentations, video for events, video for parties, video for - you name it, we've probably done it.

The allure of video

Transportation to another world, the conversion of boring to brilliant, exposing hidden thoughts, unveiling forgotten feelings, challenging perceptions, showing rather than telling, persuading, informing, educating, arguing, entertaining…

If that introduction sounds a little bit sensational, well, we're not going to apologise. We believe that video, a combination of words, sounds and moving images, is the most powerful form of media there is. It takes everything that delights us and rolls it all together. And these days, video isn't just the playground of Hollywood - anyone can become a star.

The Swiss Army knife of media

Yes, we know, "a place for everything and everything in it's place" - but video really does have so many uses. We've created so many videos to achieve so many different goals, and we can advise you on which format and approach will be best for you.

Our team can advise on scripting, filming, video editing, event coverage, and multi media applications to support your conference or event, and we’ll de-mystify the process every step of the way. Under our guidance even the most hardened technophobes can be converted to become fans of corporate videos and business webcasts.

You Say…

  • We need to shout about the amazing promotional video that Geoff and everyone at the Challenge Factor have filmed for Warrington Youth Club. Chloe was nervous beforehand, however Geoff and the team really put her at ease and you can see the results in the video. A small outlay for a fantastic marketing tool!

    Dave Warrington Youth Club Manager 
  • Geoff supported and helped us with the development of the initial concept to an idea that could actually work. The Challenge Factor then designed, helped script, filmed and produced a DVD of the highest quality.

    Paul NFU Mutual Manager 
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Notices and promotions

  • Web Video Production for Warrington Youth Club

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  • Take a look...

  • Corporate videos from £750

    Compared to text, online video delivers twice as much of the message. Online users generally read only half the text on a page and usually less than 100 words. By comparison, the average person will watch up to 60 seconds of video.

    The Challenge Factor are offering a special rate of £750 + VAT for a 30 second video, shot in studio against green screen, editing included.

    Call us, email or send a pigeon.

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