Doing everything we can to make your conference or event go off with a bang includes giving you all the help and support you need to get the results you want

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We believe that people are the most important part, and that everyone has the ability to achieve high standards. They just need to be given the confidence to be remarkable - which is where we come in.

Speaker Training

Being nervous of speaking to an audience is not uncommon. In fact, what is uncommon is people who are so OK with the idea that they need no help from us at all. Nearly everyone we work with benefits from some kind of training: whether it's tips on their technique or a workshop on speaking from scratch.

Exhibitor Training

There are subtle differences between exhibiting and selling. A lot of exhibitors have their sales pitch nailed, but they find they don't get the results they want. But with some help from us we'll teach you how to inject a little showmanship into your exhibitor style, giving you a real edge over your competitors.

Script Writing

To make sure you deliver your messages correctly, you probably want to write a script. But a lot of the time, scripts make speeches wooden, and you don't want that. We offer complete script writing as a service, and we also offer script writing support, so that more confident writers can use their own words with a few pointers from us to guide them through to a final draft.

You Say…

  • I wanted to write to thank you both for an excellent training course, I was keen to speak to all of the staff who were on the course before contacting you, every single one of them was particularly complimentary of the course structure and delivery. Rob who delivers a lot of training to both young people and adults was completely taken with the way in which you both read the group and responded to the mood and adapted the course to meet the needs throughout the day.

    Dave McNicholl Warrington Youth Club 
  • It doesn’t matter if that audience is just 5 people or a large crowd of 5,000 people Geoff will give your presenters the skills, knowledge, tips and ultimately the confidence to present with style and swagger.

    Wayne Melia Spectra Safety 
  • I have never been kept so interested, challenged so much, put out of my comfort zone more, and learnt so much as I did in Geoff’s training session. It was truly excellent.

    Rachel Flanagan Flanagan Shaw Recruitment 
  • Thank you for a wonderful day. Relaxed, non threatening, informative and most of all fun. It was also wonderful to watch the whole group of people improve too. I feel more confident and would recommend your special magical training to everyone. Is there more?

    Suzette Pulman
  • The [Challenge Factor] team literally challenges us to break outside the bubble and over the last 3 years we have moved from scripts at lecterns, to using auto-cue, to having presenters for an entire day presenting without notes.

    Leigh NFU Mutual Manager 
  • Geoff provided a presentation skills training day and created a relaxed, comfortable environment where everyone joined in the activities and clearly had a lot of fun at the same time.

    Paul Capita CRB Employee 
  • I really enjoyed the day, it went very quickly but the topics were covered at a good pace. I think the first exercise (in pairs we told stories and recalled them) got us into presenting and took the ‘fear factor’ away without even realising it.

    Capita CRB Employee 
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