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As a tool, Messenger performs a number of functions designed to help foster interaction and engagement. As it says on the tin - it sends messages. What we can use Messenger to do is a lot more exciting.

At corporate conferences: find out what problems your company is facing, work together on solutions, capture honest and anonymous feedback on new policies and practices, empower your staff to learn from each other, share skills and training… and the list goes on.

At creative events: work together on creative ideas, devise new work together, criticise and develop productions - all under the blanket of anonymity, if you wish.

At product launches or focus groups: carry out polling, receive honest feedback, gain an insight into conversations about your product, identify new possibilities… and more.

Whenever you want people to interact, Messenger helps make that happen.

The finer details

Let's have a look at the specifications of Messenger:

  • Wireless - makes it easy to distribute devices to access Messenger, share devices, and move around a space while using Messenger.
  • Immediate - data is transferred from devices to the main server and on to the host or facilitator computer - or even back to all devices.
  • Sort responses - the data sent through Messenger can be sorted into categories which you define.
  • Anonymous - devices submit data entirely anonymously - it's up to you or the user if they want to provide their information.
  • Individual or group responses - users can be divided into discussion or workshop groups, or make individual submissions.
  • View other responses - if you choose to, data can be made available for all users to view.

Types of interaction

Can you imagine all the ways you can apply Messenger's functions? We're still coming up with new ideas for using it! Here's a few to fuel your thinking:

  • Breakout workshops - pose a question or a problem and send your delegates away to come up with an answer together. Or give them a task or mini-project to work on as a team.
  • Polls - you can conduct polls using Messenger, and get almost-immediate responses.
  • Q&A - engage an audience and extend your presentation by conducting a live Q&A.
  • Data capture - find out about your audience - their opinions, but also their credentials. Gather contact information effortlessly.
  • Collaboration - divide your audience into teams, share team responses, and enable everyone to work and think together as one.
  • Working towards a goal - make delegates feel involved, appreciated and listened to. Strive towards a common purpose.

Extraordinary results

One of the most impressive things that Messenger does is bring people together. Because it works in real-time, unlike other electronic communication methods, everyone is on the same page at the same time. Delegates leave feeling enthused and motivated, and 100% behind a cause. Messenger builds team spirit throughout the entire body of a company.

When people work together at once, and think together, they reach new heights and the effects are astounding.

You Say…

  • Geoff and his team delivered a fantastic day from start to finish for our Graduate Networking Event. The main aim of the day was to give all our group graduates (88 who don’t see each other as a group very often) the opportunity to network with each other, work together as a team and to network with a number of key senior managers from across our business. We wanted to deliver something different than just presentations and your standard team building exercises. Geoff and his team certainly did that!

    Andrea Business Development Manager - Capita Talent Partnerships 
  • Messenger is a brilliant tool, seamlessly delivering improved communication and understanding throughout conferences and events. Plus, it provides an opportunity for everyone to put their views across no matter how large or intimidating the group.

    Geoff Kershaw Managing Director, The Challenge Factor 
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