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Everything can be seen as a show. And when you apply the principles of showmanship to something you can be sure of applause when the curtain falls. At The Challenge Factor, we're not satisfied until even the most curmudgeonly of people is compelled to clap at the end. We want to leave people fuzzy and glowing for days.

What do we mean by 'event'?

We'll try to define it. An event is probably "something that happens" but in Challenge Factor terms it's "something that happens with panache, and where everybody wants to be!"

It could be: a corporate event or business function, a conference (or part of one), a gala or dinner (perhaps for a charity), a launch or PR event, or something else entirely.

It's a loose term, we know, but if you've got to plan an 'event' we've got 30 years of experience and tonnes of ideas to put it into action. Please let us help - we love it!

Strike a chord

Planning is good. Attention to detail is important. But even the most well-planned event can miss the main point. How will your event make people feel? And how will it leave them feeling? A good event gets inside your head and tugs on your heartstrings, and that's what we aim for. You might have heard of our 'it' factor. That extra emotional chord comes under the indefinable 'it' factor.

Emotions make people take action. Whatever you want them to do - be it part with their money at a charity ball, or sign up to your services for another year at a media presentation, we'll help you find the right words, style and visuals to create those feelings required.

Toys and gadgets

Admit it - grownups love toys, too. We certainly do! Creating a good event often involves injecting some fun. Here are some fun ideas:

  • The Challenge Factor Live! our interactive keypad quiz brings out everyones competitive side.
  • Messenger pulls an audience together and pushes interaction to whole new levels.
  • Video productions delight, amuse, amaze, excite, thrill… basically, video can do a lot!
  • Fancy dress showdowns reveal the true party animals.

A pedigree quiz format

With 30 years of experience behind us, here at The Challenge Factor we understand that team based challenges and evening quizzes are the most effective and energising format for charity fundraisers, and we make these soar with flying colours. To go off with a bang:

  • Everyone in the team must be able to take a full and active part
  • The quiz must be presented in a non-threatening way
  • The activity must be ‘fun’!

The Challenge Factor Live! is a quiz format grown from the well-known and much-loved television quiz “The Krypton Factor”. Since our team were responsible for many of the best elements of the show (which, we boast, was ITV’s longest running and most popular ever quiz show for 18 years at peak time with audiences of up to 16 million for 14 of its 18 years) we put all of this experience into producing a high paced, television style quiz called “The Challenge Factor Live!”

The show can be hosted by one of The Challenge Factor’s highly experienced quiz show presenters who include Gordon Burns and Key 103’s morning presenter Darren Proctor.

A quiz in action

Watch our videos, and see what else we do!

You Say…

  • Geoff is a master in his craft – a consummate professional. His creativity and innovative approaches in the planning stages, and his remarkable flexibility and ability to seamlessly adjust to new priorities, requirements or time-frames at time of delivery, are attributes that have enabled him to deliver even the most complex of events.

    John Change Management Vice President 
  • Having worked with Geoff on 3 national events I would recommend him without question, everytime we have worked together the events have been taken to a different level with his support and creativity.

    Nick NFU Mutual Manager 
  • Having worked with Geoff over the last few years has been a pleasure. The whole team at The Challenge Factor have gone out of their way to assist us in making our event a success year on year.

    Zalena Freeth Cartwright LLP Employee 
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Notices and promotions

  • Conference Solutions

    Engaging and creative conferences start with our unique 'it' factor.

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  • Presentation Skills Training

    Our unique presentation skills training is backed up by over 35 years of experience in the broadcast television and conference industries.

    Based on the 'Heroes Journey' story telling model it gives both old and new presenters the extra confidence required to deliver their messages in a manner that makes sure their audiences listen, remember and act upon what they've heard.

    Our presentation skills training has been enjoyed by many companies, from board level through to graduate starters, including NFU Mutual, Capita and Shell. In fact Capita have just including our training in their post graduate apprenticeship programme, as previous graduate trainees have benefitted so greatly from taking our course.

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  • Put your messages into video

    Video is an effective way to distribute and put power behind your key messages.

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