Which poppy leaf position is correct?

Poppy Leaf Positions

Which of the above leaf positions is correct?

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Who knows?

Members of the armed forces tend to wear the leaf pointing to the 11 o’clock position, as hostilities in World War I finished at this time, and it’s when the fallen of all wars are remembered in the UK at Remembrance Services. (Not all countries have leaves on their poppies, as the quote that led to the adoption of the poppy as a symbol was that ‘nothing green would grow in Flanders fields').

Who cares?

People in general prefer to ‘do the right thing’, so if they knew there was a ‘correct’ way of wearing their poppy they’d probably make an effort to wear it that way.

So what?

If people don’t know something, how can they be held to account for not doing it?

So what if... what your company does is not fully understood by every one of your staff team? So they don’t get things quite right, send slightly the wrong message, don’t speak with passion and commitment about what you do, because they’re unsure, or because you haven’t engaged them enough to care?

At The Challenge Factor, through live events and video, we deliver our clients’ messages so that they are understood, remembered and acted upon.

We support our clients by motivating their teams to deliver the company’s plans, saving both time and money.

If the correct way to wear a poppy mattered to your company, The Challenge Factor team would make sure that everyone knew it, understood it, remembered it and wore it the right way ... with pride.

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