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The Conference Doctor is here to give your plans the once over and keep your conferences in tip-top shape. He's an old hat at this, with a wealth of knowledge and advice to share.

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Q) We are about to hold our annual company conference hosted by our Managing Director. Unfortunately he is uncomfortable with speaking in public, how do we overcome this problem?

Someone who is uncomfortable presenting "live" can often come across on camera really effectively. A video presentation allows them to be trained before hand and do as many takes as necessary to get the message across in an interesting and entertaining way, thus having a bigger impact than feeling intimidated on a stage.

Q) We have been provided with two very divergent quotes for AV set and staging, are we safe just going with the cheapest?

In many cases the old adage of 'what you get is what you pay for' is true here. The cheaper quote will probably be the budget version where less high quality equipment is being quoted for. This doesn't necessarily make it 'bad', it may just be lower specification and perfectly capable of doing the job you want done... You should check with the supplier how often they update and service their equipment as it may be old and tired!

Q) We are planning a conference for the New Year with a limited budget. What are the things that are essential and where can we save money?

First and foremost it is essential that your delegates can hear and see everything clearly, so sound and projection are imperative.

Whist fancy lighting is nice, the only essential is that you can see the presenters...and the same goes for staging and set.

Venues are fighting for business, so make sure you shop around and compare prices of conference rooms, bedrooms, and food and drink.

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