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Conferences & Video Production: Involving the entire company

Conference management for 200 at the NEC, Birmingham, with a DVD for the rest of the company.

The brief

A major insurance company wanted to get its key messages across not just to the 200 delegates lucky enough to attend the conference but also to the entire workforce. It was important to make sure that these messages came across clearly, represented the company brand well, but revealed a 'fun side' to employees and made them feel enthused.

The solution

Concentrating on the importance of customer service, each of the presenters was trained in the use of an autocue to ensure a high level of presentational skill and accuracy. This was important not only for attendees, but so that the conference translated well to the big screen for those watching on DVD later. The same key messages were seamlessly handled in different ways when producing the conference and later editing the DVD - each is a distinct medium requiring a different approach to produce cohesive results.

A DVD of your event

The whole event was filmed and made available as a special DVD that will enable staff members to select which presentations they want to watch and in what order. This is a great way to maximise the investment in a conference and ensure that those manning the phones back in the offices during a conference do not feel left out.

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