Corporate social responsibility at The Challenge Factor

Corporate Social Responsibility and climate change are issues that are close to our heart. After considering the huge level of carbon emissions caused by delegate travel and event organisation we introduced an initiative to tackle carbon consumption through carbon offsetting.

We are a carbon neutral company and offset our own annual carbon emissions by funding renewable sources of energy production such as hydro-electric power in India, one of the world's largest producers of carbon emissions.

We are also proud to be the first conference producer and corporate event organiser operating in Europe to be awarded Carbon Neutral Status.

Carbon Neutral Conferencing and Events

More importantly, we are happy to offer you the possibility of staging a carbon neutral event too!

Talk to us about implementing our carbon neutral conferencing strategy and you too can balance positive carbon-beating action against negative emissions. One of our most popular options is tree planting to counteract any carbon produced as a result of your conference or event.

We plant both indigenous trees and fruit trees in Africa and other tropical locations. We ensure the trees provide as many benefits to the local communities as possible, and help save the environment.

Each tree absorbs approximately 25kg of carbon emissions each year meaning 1 ton is removed from the atmosphere over a 40-year lifetime. The trees have a dual purpose providing a source of food, shelter and medication, which means that through carbon offsetting you are also providing practical resources for local communities.

Alternatively, by the power of clever technologies like interactive applications and webcasts, we can take the conference to your delegates. This reduces delegate travel and its negative environmental impact whilst still ensuring your message is successfully and imaginatively communicated.

We hope more and more companies will choose to work with us in these ways.

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