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Messenger: City council open to questions, views and ideas

Our wireless delegate interaction tool produces optimum delegate feedback for the future of the city.
Messenger system set up in a large hall with a screen

Caption: Messenger provides an impressive and interactive platform.

The brief

At a city council event in Manchester it was absolutely crucial to the success of the event that attendees felt relaxed and confident enough to provide honest and individual feedback, particularly as many were residents who had never experienced a participation event or conference environment.

The solution

Well, there's no better solution for providing that level of relaxation and honesty than a wireless network of laptops and a team of approachable Challenge Factor facilitators. The combination was a real winner, with the facilitators posing questions on living, working and studying in the city, whilst delegates merrily put forward more than 1200 candid, anonymous responses.

The verdict

Here's what our client had to say:

We were delighted to have such a huge response from the attendees, who had simply been invited, along with the rest of the city, to put forward their views for the future. Messenger offers a unique way to create a safe, anonymous and honest forum. We are now digesting all of the feedback to add to the ‘Community Strategy’ so that the people have ownership over the future of their city. Messenger was a fantastic tool for quickly gathering exactly what the people had to say so we can put their thoughts into action.”

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