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Exhibitions: Stand entertainment hits America

Challenge Live! quiz entertainment guarantees visitor deluge to exhibition stand.

The brief

The singularly most difficult (and at the same time most important) objective at any exhibition is to attract the maximum number of visitors to the stand and to keep them there. It's also about what they take away. Sometimes you're selling something, so it's easier to quantify success and aim for product sales. But if it's a message you're delivering or an impression you're making it can be more difficult to define. Our client wanted to be sure without a doubt that visitors were taking particular note of their message.

The solution

We approached this brief with a firm focus on attracting crowds and drilling the message into their heads - but in a fun, less violent, way! We devised a quiz using the 'Challenge Live!' format.

Quizzes get people thinking. It makes them really consider your product or service. We structured the questions and answers to really highlight the key benefits of our client's product.

Our tried and tested ‘Challenge Live!’ interactive quiz sufficiently impressed our pharmaceutical client over a two year period, prompting them to extend our contract beyond the European exhibition circuit to America and the AUA meeting attended by 3000 delegates in San Antonio, Texas.

The verdict

Here's what our client had to say:

The Challenge Factor has worked so well in Europe that we decided to bring the team over to the AUA meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this year where the very 'Britishness' of their presentation style made them a huge hit! It was amazing - like turning on a tap - when the quiz was running the stand was packed with people interested in our product who were waiting to take part, and when it stopped the stand became much quieter, with fewer delegates and much less excitement. Of course it isn't just about getting the product message broadcast to a large audience - the players and the surrounding observers make excellent 'warmed up' leads for the stand team to talk further to about our product and the way it might be used by them in their own countries. I don't know of any other company who works as hard and so enthusiastically in the Exhibition arena and I certainly recommend The Challenge Factor to you - and look forward to the next time we have the chance of working with them ourselves!"

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