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Conferences: NFU Mutual over the years

NFU Mutual have been holding conferences for many years, and The Challenge Factor have grown to know NFU Mutual well.

The brief

NFU Mutual demand effective conference planning and a well run event. Every year they have got bigger and they set themselves the goal of wanting to make each and every one innovative, different and effective. The most recent was 3 events in 1, all on one day, for over 600 people.

Our solution

We constantly challenge each other to improve our conference planning and presentation, resulting in moving from scripts at lecterns, to using Autocue, to having presenters for an entire day presenting without notes. The training and coaching is given to everyone and the feeling of achievement is fantastic for all concerned. The quality and confidence of the speakers has improved tenfold in the last couple of years. The messages given are succinct and above all memorable.

The effect is a very professional production from start to finish. When you add in the videos, the links, the sound and the innovative ideas, you have something to be proud of. The Challenge Factor provide all this from the conference inception right through to the performance on the day.

Lessons learned

Geoff at The Challenge Factor talks about what he's learned from working with NFU Mutual:

"Building a long term relationship with the team at NFU mutual enables every to see the benefits of, for example, presenter training. The information is imparted with more confidence and more is retained by the delegates. With the drive to constantly improve, We are able to discuss new ideas and technology with the result that each conference and event is better and more effective than the last. It also prevents the delegates becoming used to attending the same format of event so they are more stimulated. All in all effective long term conference planning is about building relationships and we are proud to be a supplier to NFU Mutual."

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