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Capita Graduates Conference

A teambuilding and communication day for 80 Graduates

We were asked to put together an event for this year's Graduate cohort of about 80 people. The delegates are on track to be future leaders and wanted a day focused on teambuilding and communication - so that's what we provided!

In the morning session, the graduates worked in teams to complete a number of challenges that tested their communication skills, their brains and their ability to be a bit 'off the wall' when needed! Each challenge earned them 'airtime' for their team advert which needed to promote the brilliance of the Capita Graduate Scheme to encourage others to apply. The adverts were fantastic!

From sensible, to amusing, to very clever (the team that rewrote the lyrics to 'the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' theme tune to fit their message was particlularly ingenious!) the teams worked well together to promote what they love about the scheme and why others should sign up.. and their managers were very impressed too, which is always a good thing!

During the afternoon, our team facilitated a Q&A session. Our host asked questions of the panel that had been anonymously sent in by the delegates from their smart phones to our Communicator system. This system allows delegates to ask whatever they would like of the panel (without the fear of having to put up their hand) and our host, as an objective observer, is able to group the questions into 'hot topics' to put to them, to ensure that as many questions as possible can be asked and answered during the session.

The Graduates ended the day with some strong team bonds developing and a sense of value, as their questions had been asked of, and answered by, their managers - the very people who are going to guide them towards being future leaders.

A great day all round!

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