No leaders debate ... maybe we can help?

By Abbie Stewart, 12 May 2017 – 0 comment

With Teresa May refusing to get involved in any televised pre-election debates one wonders why Jeremy Corbin has followed suit ... surely, taking part without the PM being there would be like shooting into an open net, no-one to provide the instant rebuttals and alternate sound bites to counter his proposals?

I think I know why.

As I wrote in an earlier post, Mrs May is not a natural presenter, coming in as she does at the 'adequate' end of oratory. Whatever your politics, it would be reasonable to agree that Mr Corbin is, at best, in a similar place on that scale. It may be that the PM decided she'd prefer not to appear at all rather than not do particularly well ... and her absence has given the leader of the opposition the opportunity to back out for similar reasons.

Like many CEO's and other business leaders, what they both need is some training in the art of skilful presentation delivery and the ability to face challenging questioning from a less than impartial audience.

If anyone happens to be chatting with either of them in the next few weeks please give them our number ... we can help.

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