A real problem ... or just a bit of fluff?

By Abbie Stewart, 12 April 2017 – 0 comment

I’ve been facing a crisis for months. I worried about it every day and it regularly held up my work. I couldn’t see any way out….

The problem was that my iPhone would not connect properly with a charger or any other device. I had to fiddle with the lead, constantly re-inserting and bending the cable until suddenly, miraculously, it connected. This stopped me easily supporting our app developer with his new iterations to be loaded via iTunes and … yes … charging my phone.

Eventually, after months of frustrating, annoying, wind-upping (?) periods of non-connection I finally went to the Apple Store … where it took around 2 seconds for the problem to be solved.

It was fluff … a collection of the stuff that had, over time, inserted itself into the little charging slot at the bottom of the ‘phone.

Just fluff … which took the eminently capable ‘Apple Store’ Andrew about 2 seconds to remove with what looked like the end of a paper clip.

The angst created for me by this crisis, every day for many months, is not to to be underestimated … and it was just fluff!

So, how many other perceived crises are in fact just bits of fluff?

I’m guessing quite a few. So, from now on, when something is really getting me down, appears insoluble and is creating daily annoyance. I’m going to search for the nearest metaphorical paper clip … and get the fluff out.

How about you?

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