Paranoia .... or rational concerns?

By Geoff Kershaw, 04 October 2017 – 0 comment
Smashed iPad

Caption: The remains of an iPad screen

OK ... I’ve smashed my iPad screen. Stupid thing to do after being so careful for three or more years. It’s covered on insurance but a £200 excess makes that an unrealistic option.

So, I’ve just searched the Arndale Centre in Manchester for a screen replacement option at a reasonable price ... and found one for £69, which seems a reasonable deal.

So far so good. The repair will take around two hours and all was well until the repairer asked me for my password.

“Why?” I asked

“Just in case we need to calibrate the screen” he replied.

“Or to search for and steal all of my passwords and then empty my bank accounts!” said my paranoia.

I didn’t give him my password. Not because I didn’t trust him ... after all, I had no information to determine whether he was or was not trustworthy ... but because it seemed rational not to hand out my password to someone I’d just met.

That same rationality will get me to check my bank balance when I get my repaired iPad back ... or is that paranoia?

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