GB's Olympic Heroes? Bah Humbug!

By Abbie Stewart, 05 September 2016 – 0 comment

OK, upfront, to avoid confusion, I love the Olympics. I'm astounded by the years of effort that athletes of all shapes and sizes, from countries all around the world, have put in to be 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' in their chosen discipline. I must also admit that, whilst I enjoy the success of the athletes from every nation, I do get an extra kick from watching British athletes do well. Possible naively I thought that most people in the UK would enjoy the considerable success achieved by our athletes in Rio.

I was rather surprised therefore to read an article in a national paper speaking with disdain about the 'nationalist fervour' around our medal winners and complaining about GB winners draping themselves in the Union flag. The suggestion was that it made those of us back home supporting them seem like members of some rather vulgar nationalist organisation glorifying in the brilliance of our country's youth. Another commentator, this time on BBC2's Jeremy Vine show, suggested that only gold medal winners should be Lottery funded as all of the others were clearly failures and should go out and get a proper job.

What next, cancelling Christmas for all but a chosen few?

Surely, as business people, the aspirations and effort of GB's Olympians are exactly the traits we are all looking for in our own staff teams, of every age ... the desire to be the very best they can be and prepared to make every effort to achieve it.

So, let's applaud every member of Team GB in Rio this year and use their example to encourage and enthuse our own teams to achieve greatness in their fields of endeavour. And with the Rio Paralympics just about to start there's a great opportunity to consign 'Bah Humbug' to the cynic's bin where it belongs.

Good luck to Team GB's Paralympians ... I wish success to you all and will enjoy watching everyone of you striving to be the best that you can be.

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