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By Abbie Stewart, 02 May 2014 – 0 comment

To paraphrase Ogden Nash … "the spring is sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where ... all the time is going to come from to do all the things that we need to be doing for our clients?” Clearly I’ll never make a poet … but the principle is right. It’s such a busy springtime and the sun is shining as I write and we’re all well so everything in the garden is indeed rosy.

We’re delighted to have a number of new clients and some more lovely people who we’re talking with about how we might work together. So our time is currently split between putting together conferences for existing clients, shooting videos for those events and rushing around meeting new people. What a great way to be spending our time though!

We’ve just completed the last of a 6 event exhibition roadshow … this time in London … for a client in the business of apprenticeships. Were already looking at they next season of events with them which will be our 6th year of producing for them.

Spain looms … we’re currently going to be off there three times this year. Once in a few weeks for our longest standing client (well over 15 years now) for their annual Europe-wide senior management conference, then again in July for a fun activity event in the sun and then again in late August … we really ought to learn a little more of the language than hello, goodbye, how are you and two beers please.

Richard and his video team are shooting for the first Spanish event this week, having just finished a hard week of editing for key parts of the conference. Then it’s a couple of days of vox-pops before a week of shoots in May for another client’s annual divisional event, where we’re covering 20 different workshops and exhibition stands leading up to the conference which will each inform the rest of the business about what ‘our’ division actually does. Some of these will be edited with a clear narrative for the content and others used as part of a dynamic video which will showcase all the teams’ efforts at the start of the conference.

For the last 31 years I’ve wanted to get the word ‘challenging' into our strap line … for obvious reasons … and after a lot of discussion amongst the team we’ve finally done it. It’s about the ‘why’ we do what we do, wanting to give our clients the best possible value for their budget. So, I give you …

“The Challenge Factor, challenging the status quo by thinking differently”!

Even with a new strap line we’re still absolutely focused on getting our clients' messages across so that they’re understood, remembered and acted upon …

… it’s what we do.

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