iPad Silent Auction, Amsterdam ahoy, and other projects coming up...

By Phillip Gerrish, 23 May 2013 – 0 comment
Our iPad for the Silent Auction on a dinner table

Caption: The Silent Auction iPad at the Charity Ball

After a very exciting few months things are beginning to calm down now (I nearly said ‘for the summer’ but looking out of the window it’s grey and wet!) We’ve just produced a Ball for a Melanoma charity called “Factor 50,” which Darren hosted, and he brilliantly managed to get auction ‘blood’ out of the credit crunch ‘stones’ who were attending. But, to be fair, times are hard in business and it was great that so many people supported the charity (350 or so in attendance) and showed great generosity throughout the evening. The days of really lavish spending on traditional auctions seem to be over... certainly outside London anyway, where they still seem to be successful.

Our own iPad Silent Auction solution worked wonderfully well raising over £3,500 from a limited number of items... it’s so simple to sit at your table, make your bid and then watch as others bid against you until the best possible price is achieved. We also have an innovative ‘Pledge’ button on the iPads which allows Ball guests who don’t necessarily have lots of spare cash to pledge to raise £1,000 over the coming 12 months... whether on their own or with their work or family team... and 16 people/teams pledged on the night, so that’s an extra £16,000 for the charity over the next year... brilliant!

Geoff’s off to Amsterdam (steady...) in a couple of weeks, where he’s hosting some presentations on a global pharma company's exhibition stand... launching their very latest and very clever... and very expensive... piece of blood testing machinery. He’s promised to keep clear of any bright lights and improper window displays.

One IT Director client is off to present at a suppliers conference in a few weeks, so we’ve been working with him to develop his presentation on some new software which is going to make dramatic changes to the way our clients run their businesses. We came up with a format involving a series of video elements leading into his live presentation scripts... and had a lot of fun last week shooting and editing those. They involve people within the business who’ll be affected by the changes explaining where our client’s IT is now and where it will be with the new software... thereby bringing the new IT to life in front of the audience's eyes.

Geoff’s youngest grandchild, Arthur, is six months old now... how time flies... and Geoff and his wife, Cheryl, went with Arthur and his parents up to North Berwick near Edinburgh for a week a couple of weeks ago. A great time was had by all, and Arthur loved being in his new rucksack on his father’s back and spent most of his time giggling. A very interesting trip around the Royal Yacht Britannia was a highlight of the trip... particularly afternoon tea on board.

Lots of meetings happening now, planning events for the Autumn and beyond... as well as getting ready for the launch of the live, interactive TV challenge aimed at pubs and their customers which we’re launching in September. Exciting times ahead!

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