The importance of a great team

By Phillip Gerrish, 12 March 2013 – 0 comment

If you've been following our tweets you'll know that Geoff has just spent two weeks filming with our colleagues from Visual Concepts. Together they shot an opening video and a whole set of inserts for the main sales and services conference for those wonderful people at NFU Mutual. The filming took them 1,500 miles around the country, as well as on a flight from Glasgow to Belfast and then on to Bristol (or the airport that's fairly near to Bristol that pretends to be Bristol airport). Those of you who do a lot of travelling will know how important it is to travel contentedly with decent people, and Geoff really enjoyed his trip with Martin and Andy... both not only decent but fun... and good listeners, too, which can be handy when travelling with Geoff.

They shot interviews with 12 of NFU Mutual's customers and, in discussions after their epic tour of the UK had finished, agreed that they all really enjoy their jobs because they get to meet delightful people in all walks of life who have really interesting things to say. Farmers in Brecon with French exchange students; Scottish breeders who are able to sell one black faced ram for over £60,000; artificial insemination experts in Belfast with 1.5 ton bulls (each of whom are able to 'service' 500 cows from just one moment of excitement); CCTV experts who manufacture stab vests for security personnel, these vests with built-in cameras relaying back to command centres showing them everything the wearer does, as well as providing CCTV services for many Caribbean airports; apple juice manufacturers who got into production when a horrendous hail storm ruined their apple crop for ordinary sale; a delightful Lord of the realm who showed them around his fabulous Manor House built in the time of Charles 1st… and so on.

The moral is that working with highly skilled colleagues who, as well as being great at their jobs, are also delightful people turns what could otherwise be something of a trial into a pleasure. Get the right people around you and you can do pretty much anything!

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