A great summer ends, a productive winter begins...!

By Abbie Stewart, 24 October 2013 – 0 comment

What a great summer we've had! All the way through from the beginning of July to the end of September it's definitely been one to remember.

Members of the team have holidayed in Wales, France, Dubai and Israel, as well as producing and presenting events in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Stratford and Winchester. The next 'World Tour of the UK', producing more videos for one of our favourite clients, starts in a couple of weeks and we've shot web-videos for a youth club, a consulting room group, a marketing agency, a publishing house, a global logistics company and a financial services company. We've also been out on our annual road show at Skills Events for 13 to 18 year olds telling them all they'll ever need to know about apprenticeships in the world of accountancy. On top of all of that we've taken on a new member of staff to head up our video division, which is growing nicely!

Apart from that... well, you know the rest.

We're delighted to say that here at TCF Towers we're all fighting fit and raring to go. Geoff's had a very significant wedding anniversary this year - but is keen to point out that he started young... and everyone else has just got a little bit older.

And that's it for now! A new update will be forthcoming when the moment is right. Another season of conferences, events and videos has just begun and we're marching through it with joy in our hearts... or something like that anyway!

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